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ONLY AVAILABLE IN: Cumberland County

Offer Ends April 30th, 2022



  •   You become a member of EJ Water Cooperative and will now have access to award-winning water.
  •   EJ Water will install a 3⁄4” residential meter on your property.
  •   EJ Water will install both the meter and outside plumbing to the home (a value of $2,500.00) for the price of $500.00.
  •   Payment plans are available. Additional connection assistance is available for applicants who meet requirements for low-to-moderate income.


  •   Must be an existing house in Cumberland County with a privately owned water source (well or cistern).
  •   Must apply and submit Residential User’s Contract with payment (if applicable) by April 30th, 2022.




  •   Access to our cutting-edge technology and infrastructure.

  •   DAILY water testing to ensure your water is safe to drink.

  •   EJ Water is softened to 5-7 grains of hardness which eliminates buying salt for an in-home water softener.

  •   Power is out? You still have water! 

  •   Yearly Water Quality Report sent to your home.

EJ Water Best Tasting Water

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Having award-winning, quality water in your home is now more attainable than ever with our payment plan options! Interest free!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the water come from?

Depending on your location, your water will either come from two well fields that tap the sand and gravel aquifer associated with the Embarras River Valley or from the Kaskaskia River and then ran through one of our two water treatment plants. In this case, townships will receive water from our Delbert water treatment plant except for St. Francis township, which will receive water from our Gila water treatment plant. 

I have a good well. Why would I want EJ Water?

While wells are a great source of water and serve a purpose, there are benefits to having a public water supply. EJ Water provides peace of mind when it comes to drinking water. You always have water, even when the power is out, and hauling water is eliminated. A certified water operator monitors the water supply daily to make sure the drinking water is safe. EJ Water is softened to 5-7 grains of hardness which can eliminate buying salt for an in-home water softener.

What if someone I know lives outside of the eligible townships and are along an existing EJ Water main, are they eligible for the discounted tap program?
If someone you know lives outside of the campaign area and they are interested in the reduced tap-on rate, please have them contact our office. We will keep a list of other interested members during the campaign and contact them when the campaign is over to determine if they would be eligible for a reduced tap-on rate.
Where will my meter be placed?
The meter needs to be located where it can easily transmit a cellular signal and be readily accessible by our servicemen and vehicles, preferably within 10 to 20 feet of the driveway. The meter, in most cases, may be placed anywhere on the property adjacent to the water main or adjacent to the property line. The property owner will receive a flag to place where they would like the meter to be placed adjacent to the existing main or road.
Can the same lines running from my well to my house be used for EJ?
Yes, but only if use of the well is discontinued. If you choose to keep your well, you will need your EJ water service line installed separate from the well system.
Is the water hard or soft?
Water treated at our water treatment plant is softened before distribution. We soften the water to 5-7 grains of hardness prior to distribution.
I don’t know much about EJ Water. What is it?

EJ Water is a not-for-profit cooperative that was organized in the late 80’s, early 90’s. It started from the local Ruritan Club who recognized a need for water in the area. A steering committee was formed, and the original goal was to sign up 300 members. Since these humble beginnings, the need for water continues to be reaffirmed with the Co-op’s member count reaching above 10,000. EJ Water strives to help improve communities with economic development through technology and innovation.

How much is a membership?
Under current policy, if a new membership is purchased along an existing water main, the cost is $2,000.00. In addition to that, outdoor plumbing can be added for a value of $500. In celebration of EJ’s 30 years in business we will be reducing the tap on rate to $500.00 for homes within Jasper County. This will include both the new membership and the outdoor plumbing - a total value of $2,500 for only $500 during this time period.
Is the water tested periodically?
Water testing is regulated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA). Water is tested daily at the treatment plant for several parameters. Additional samples from the distribution system are tested monthly. Each year a consumer confidence report (CCR) is made available to all customers. The CCR tabulates all of the test results for the preceding year.
Will EJ install a water line to my house?
EJ does have a licensed plumber on staff and with the discounted tap on program will install the service line from the meter to the home. The connection will be made outside the home, into the existing home plumbing.
What about cleanup after the installation of the water meter?
Clean-up is the responsibility of the homeowner. If EJ is required to disrupt other property to install the meter they will clean-up the disturbed area.
Why would EJ run a campaign for non-members? What about the present members?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our current members and we definitely agree, it’s just as important to recognize the folks who have helped us get to where we are today by investing not only money, but faith & trust in EJ during the first phases. While celebrating our 30 years of accomplishments we will be hosting several location events to express our gratitude and treat them as well.

Is the landowner required to have their work inspected if they install the line themselves from the meter?
No. However, it does need to be constructed in accordance with the Illinois Plumbing Code and EJ reserves the right to inspect the work at any time. If the landowner intends to use both the well and EJ Water on the same system, a reduced pressure zone (RPZ) valve is required.
Is it possible to hook up to the water line at my well, so that I can use my well water or EJ water as needed - using just a switch to go from well to EJ?
It is possible, but it is not advised. If this is done a reduced pressure zone valve (RPZ valve) must be installed and inspected each year by a licensed cross connection inspector, with a report of the inspection filed each year with the EJ Water office. There is a substantial additional cost for installation and annual inspection of the RPZ valve. We recommend keeping two separate systems.
How much is the minimum monthly payment and how much water do we receive for this minimum amount? Also, how much do we pay after the minimum?
Residential meters receive a monthly minimum of 750 gallons for a monthly minimum fee of $30.31. Usage over the gallons included is charged at $6.79 per 1,000 gallons. On average, a person uses 50 gallons per day, or 1,500 gallons per month. For example, a household of 2 people would use approximately 100 gallons per day or 3,000 gallons per month. Based on the above rates the monthly water bill for 3,000 gallons would be $45.59. Water usage varies by households and their water conservation practices.
When will water actually be available?
Your property is located along an existing water main, so water is currently available. During this campaign we will be accepting applications for 90 days and scheduling the installation of the water meters in the order that we receive the contracts and payment. Water meters will be installed as quickly as scheduling will allow, no longer than 6 months from the end of the campaign. Once the campaign is complete we will contact you about when the meter will be set so you can place a flag where you would like the meter installed.